• Inside of the fan subframe
  • Inner surface
  • Outside the fan frame
  • The gland
  • Blades inside
  • Frame cover
  • Gauze fan line pressing
  • Outside fan blades
  • Outside the box
  • The line pressing
  • Gauze fan
  • Double colour burglar case
  • Outside the press line
  • In Ting
  • Subframe
120 Broken bridge window series

Product advantages:

1.The three models are all in general use. The inner color cover is optional and can be switched at will, so that the main materials have low inventory, low loss and zero leftover materials.

2. The 45 degree Angle of the whole frame made by arc pressure line makes the window frame more perfect and the workmanship more precise.

3. Large glass notch, widened foam sealing rubber strip, so that "quietly" at any time.

4. It is the first of its kind in the industry to make production easier.

5. Glue injection process + multiple waterproof.

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