To industry output value in 2020 is expected to reach 1.1 trillion yuan, the growth in the industry as a whole is still considerable
9000100 million yuan

Industry output


Provinces and cities



Guangzhou, Foshan, Shenzhen


Production base

Production base has a sound production facilities, advanced production equipment workshop


11 national computer software copyright, nearly a hundred patented technology certificate


GdBall, Focus on Windows and doors
  • 65 Broken bridge window series
  • 116 villa series
  • 116 Non-broken bridge villa series
  • 78 Non-broken bridge villa series
  • 88 Broken bridge window series
  • 108 Broken bridge window series
  • 120 Broken bridge window series

Agent support

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  • 1 day agoName: Mr. YanDistrict: Ningxia - Yinchuan

    Need a large number of aluminum Windows and doors factory, aluminum products to your company, can be used as the exhibition hall of 500 square meters, hope field trip.

  • 9 hours agoName: Ms. SunRegion: Jiangsu - Nanjing

    Consult aluminum alloy window products, Nanjing whether there is a case to see.

  • 8 hours agoName: Mr. LiuRegion: Fujian - Xiamen

    There is no dealer in Xiamen here, want to represent your company's products, after joining, what are the specific headquarters support.

  • 8 hours agoName: Mr. ZhangRegion: Jiangsu - Wuxi

    The aluminum industry, the market is very good, how about the future, how long can profit? My phone is 181 * * * * 5688, hope to get a professional answer.

  • 5 hours agoName: Mr. ZhangArea: Zhejiang - Hangzhou

    There is a 1000 square meters exhibition hall, hoping to be the flagship showroom of this piece of Hangzhou.

  • 3 hours agoName: Mr. HeLocation: Hebei - Shijiazhuang

    After joining there is no technical support, on-site guidance, post-service this one there is no dedicated docking staff.

  • 1 hours agoName: Ms. ZhangLocation: Jiangsu - Lianyungang

    Second and third tier cities are good to do, there is no franchisee can consult, or field trips.

  • 30 minutes agoName: Mr. CaoRegion: Beijing - Beijing

    After the market survey, we found that the demand in Beijing is high, but the brand name is not good. If the product quality is good, it is easy to do it. I hope to join and hope for a reply!

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High-end Windows and doors system and aerospace, military industry, special aluminum alloy products and so on,